When I was in elementary school I had this club. I think we called it the police club or something. We all had fanny packs (loaded with everything awesome), guns made from paper, police badges, and the authority to take down anyone breaking the law (which was basically whatever we deemed unlawful in order to take some people down).

Anyway, we didn’t do much. We made plans and had meetings on the playground that accomplished absolutely nothing. What started off with 2 of us very quickly became 40 or 50 and we are all VERY committed. It was the whole reason we came to school eager every day. We wanted a new police club adventure and we would somehow create it every day. I was the leader.

Now, I know, you’re waiting for the leadership lesson on growth and commitment and how we got there. Sorry, this isn’t one of those posts. This is more about how to kill that extremely fast.

One day one of the guys that was pretty low on the totem pole in our elite organization had an idea. Something so unprecedented had never happened. You don’t come up with ideas unless you’re the leader, the top dog, the head honcho. Who did this guy think he was???

I suddenly felt my leadership threatened and realized I must do something quick. So, I clamped down on my leadership and kicked the guy out of the police club. Not a good idea. I saw it happen in a flash. People suddenly felt threatened and insecure in their own membership status and a rebellion ensued. Within 1 week of that event the police club ceased to exist. Yeah, I killed it that fast (that may be a record for any organization, legit or not). 

Takeaway: As a leader, don’t hold on too tightly, that will cause insecurity and rebellion in ANY organization. Give people a voice and give them the value they truly have.