Was talking with a friend the other night about missions. He’s looking at several different short-term trips he could go on. During the conversation he mentioned that one trip was fairly dangerous. It’s an unstable country, where, regardless of the precautions you take, things could go horribly wrong. I’m a big fan of those mission trips. You really have to put a lot of trust in God, more than you’re used to.

Later on that night, though, Jess and I were talking about this further and she made a great point. What’s more dangerous? Going on this mission trip, or not going (speaking in general for all of us, not just this persons situation)? If we do go, it’s dangerous for us. We could be harmed in some certain way. If we don’t go, however, all we’re doing is not taking the word of God to an area of the world that desperately needs it.

Which is the more dangerous mission?