Over the past few years the gospel has taken root in me like I never thought it could. I love it. It drives me, gives me passion, encourages me, strengthens me, and challenges me.

I copied this from John Piper this morning and can totally relate to it. As his title suggests, never let the gospel get smaller. You can read the whole post here:

‘The Gospel gets bigger when, in your heart,

grace gets bigger;
Christ gets greater;
his death gets more wonderful;
his resurrection gets more astonishing;
the work of the Spirit gets mightier;
the power of the gospel gets more pervasive;
its global extent gets wider;
your own sin gets uglier;
the devil gets more evil;
the gospel’s roots in eternity go deeper;
its connections with everything in the Bible and in the world get stronger;
and the magnitude of its celebration in eternity gets louder.
So keep this in mind: Never let the gospel get smaller in your heart.’

Is it growing in you? Never let it get smaller!!!

And, if you said, ‘holy crap, a blog post from Daniel?!?!’ I said the same thing 🙂