Ok, so, this past year a stimulus package was introduced by our government. Everyone was against it. And I mean just about everyone. Both the liberal and conservative media was against it. Why? The main reason I heard was that it was $750 billion dollars and that this was just a ridiculous amount of money to be spending/stimulating the economy with. It just wasn’t good. People called our president an idiot and worse names. People said that in general they were just unhappy with the way the government was spending their hard earned tax dollars.

So, now we have this $800+ billion dollar package and suddenly this has become a must pass bill and the republicans are prudes for not passing it, etc… And suddenly the main stream media thinks this is a good idea. What the crap?!?! This is straight up hypocrisy by the American media machine. This really upsets and frustrates the heck outta me.

Amy I the only one that feels this way?