I’ll start off by saying that it’s never good to have a bad economy in general. I would much rather be in a crazy good thriving economy right  now. And I don’t really agree with either the Bush or Obama administration on how they’re handling it. I’ll save that for another day. Let’s talk about why this economic crisis is good…

Simply, it’s making us responsible. 

We’ve lived for far too long as a society living way beyond our means. We’ve been doing things we really can’t afford, living a life of luxury, and just pushing the payments til a little later. Well, guess what, it’s time to pay up for all that stuff. We’re suddenly going to have to pay for the lives we’ve lived (very literally!). 

I love that society at large jumped on the auto industry when they flew their private jets trying to get money from the government. Did you read just the other day that Citi (or was it Chase? don’t remember doesn’t really matter) had plans to purchase a new private jet (in the midst of posting poor quarterly reviews) and scrapped those plans. Starbucks is now selling their private jets. Accountability, it’s such a great motivating factor!

Character is suddenly in the forefront! Businesses are suddenly being forced to own up to who they’ve been. We’re suddenly forced to be who we are publicly and can’t fake it any more. What a great opportunity for America! We can live public lives and be honorable in the way we’re living. 

In my mind, this is a great outcome to a crappy situation!