Alright, it amazes me the thought process that goes through peoples heads. Seriously, can we really not think things through any more?!?!?!

Read this article…

So, it was ruled Unconstitutional to have a moment of silence for prayer or reflection to start of the school day in Illinois. The judge went on to say this in his ruling:

“The statute is a subtle effort to force students at impressionable ages to contemplate religion,”

So, wait, here’s what I can gather from that statement… #1, It’s wrong for them to contemplate religion, why? #2, We’d rather our students NOT think or have to think about current issues in our society. Crap, we’re doomed then. #3, high school students don’t have the mental capacity to contemplate religion effectively. Doesn’t that say something bad about your schools up their in Illinois???

And here’s the crazy part. This lawsuit was filed by a talk show host and….. his high school daughter?!?!?! Wait, so, high school students shouldn’t have to ‘contemplate religion’ at such an ‘impressionable’ age and yet this oh so impressionable high school student has the ability to file a lawsuit because she is such a staunch atheist?!?!?! According to the ruling itself this girl it too impressionable to file her own lawsuit!!!! 

This is absolutely ridiculous! This judge (and others) need to get a brain!