Photo by: REMac1981

I feel like I’ve been surrounded lately by ‘different’ churches. I’ve read quite a few blogs about having different churches (both positive and negative) and I’ve talked to quite a few people planting or on a team planting ‘different’ churches. And everywhere I turn a ‘different’ church is springing up. 

Here’s the problem I see though. Of all these churches doing things ‘different’ they all look startlingly similar to one another. Can you be ‘different’ if everyone else that is doing it ‘different’ is the same? It reminds me of one of my favorite phrases to say to anyone who wants to be unique… ‘So, you want to be unique just like everyone else?’ I’ve actually received ‘yes’ answers to that several times…

So, here’s an idea. What if ‘different’ meant preaching like Jesus. When I read about people preaching in the Bible I often times read just after that they were preaching the ‘good news’ which translates to us as the gospel. They’re preaching the good news that Jesus saves us from our sin and from ourselves! That’s a solution!

By and large, I honestly don’t hear this being blatantly preached from the pulpits of our churches today. We preach deep messages that invade the depths of our souls. This is good, but, what ever happened to the simplicity of the gospel that can help anyone and everyone, not just the deep messages that are relevant to the believer?

Now, I’m all about church structure and planning and marketing and all that which I’ll talk about in future posts. But, I think our first ‘different’ thing we (the church) should try to be is truly and whole-heartedly gospel centered. Without this, it doesn’t matter how different we really are.

More to come…