A few of the Georgia State guys and I headed out to campus today in black hoodies, a piece of tape across our chest reading ‘sayanythingatlanta.com’ and a sign that said ‘say anything to a Christian’. From there we invited people to write on white name tags what they would say if they could say anything they wanted to a Christian. Good, bad, and ugly. We then promised to wear what they wrote for the rest of the day.

We did this in an effort to create dialogue on campus and create a new way to connect with students that you wouldn’t normally connect with. The results were awesome!

I met so many great people on campus today that I’ve never met before that have viewpoints on life and the church that everyone should hear, especially those of us in the church.

Anyway, head on over to sayanythingatlanta.com and see the name tags from today.

(Warning: If you are offended by vulgarity [some pretty extreme] there is some on the page you’ll be directed to. You will see what people really had to say.)

edit: for the record, this is the brainchild of this guy and this guy. I’m just along for the ride… 🙂