I know this has been said, but….

It really bothers me that depending on what political side your on you’re viewed as a lesser person. And that’s the mentality on both sides.

These are overwhelming experiences I’ve had.

Obama supporters overwhelmingly view McCain supporters as idiots and inferior people.

McCain supporters overwhelmingly view Obama supporters as idiots and inferior people. 

This is just wrong! Seriously wrong! I hate it! It doesn’t make me proud to be an American, it embarrasses me. Seriously. This is just not cool at all. 

It doesn’t make either side look smart, it makes both sides look ignorant and hypocritical. We say we’re about fairness and free speech, but, when you voice your opinion people attack you as being a nutcase. Bipartisanship no longer exists. Both sides would rather have a unipartisan house, senate, executive office so that they can pass their agenda with no opposition. We should welcome opposition in these cases so that a balanced perspective can be propagated. Seriously, it’s all just wrong, it’s all messed up and I’m bothered.