Kind of a frustrating morning this morning trying to Rock the Vote. We were to vote at a Methodist church about 1/2 a mile from the house. We drive by it almost daily. So, we showed up to find a sign that said our polling place had been moved and to call a number for our new polling place. So, we called and were disconnected twice. So, we went to the website to find that our listed place was still the exact place we were sitting. We called the 800 number on the back of our voter card. Same result. No one knew anything different. So, we got back on the phone with the original number and was on hold for over 30 minutes to find the same result. ‘We don’t know, our records show that it’s at the same place’. So, we came home trying to figure out what to do, I looked it up online to find something interesting. There are 2 ‘Cumberland United Methodist’ Churches on the same road less than a mile apart. AND, the one we were actually voting at isn’t quite on the road it says. I guess the property backs up to the main road, but, you have to turn down a different road to get to the church. Brilliance. 

It was a breeze from there though. About 45 minutes from getting in line to finishing voting. Everyone was super nice and the computer system was easy with no problems.

Now we wait. We’ll find out tonight (again, theoretically) who our next president will be.