Como what? How could you say that?!?! Isn’t this the most important time in our nation’s history? Wait, maybe even the world or universe?!?! Come on God, this is your reputation on the line. Surely God, you care about your reputation and the election that’s going on! (please get the sarcasm….)

Here comes a long blog I’ve just got to get off my chest…

Honestly, I stopped praying heavily for this election about a month ago. Since then I’ve only been praying a simple prayer. ‘God, I trust you. Please put the man in office that will bring You and Your kingdom the most glory.’ The church, however, is rising up to pray like it only does every four years…

I know that because prayer made the news this morning on two of the three major networks.

Article 1

Article 2

Now, I had a teacher when I was in ministry school that talked about God and culture. He said that to find out what a culture’s God is, you listen and they’ll tell you. Whatever that culture’s ultimate concern is will come out just in normal conversation. You’ll quickly realize what that thing is that motivates and will drive people to action. Whatever their ultimate concern is, that is there God.


That said, I have to question who the church is really serving. I’ve been a Christian for close to 9 years now and haven’t seen the church as a whole moved and motivated like it is every 4 years when our nation votes for a president. Who are we serving? We are more concerned with who our president will be than ANYTHING else. I believe it’s because we’re afraid of losing our rights as Christians and no one is really ready to step up and fight. So, voting becomes our outlet as Christians and we feel like we’ve fought the good fight of faith or something when we step out of the voting booth. Again, are we serving God or man? Who are we looking to save us???

Today, though, the church stands more unified than it has since I’ve been a Christian (read the above articles). I’ve been receiving emails for weeks now about a unified prayer and fasting movement for the election. People are fasting 21 and 40 days all over the place. Unified prayer meetings are happening on capitol steps around the country crying out to God for the next election. Some praying for a candidate, some praying for God’s candidate. Regardless, I question the validity of both prayers. Is God really concerned about a certain candidate getting in office and do we really need to pray that God’s man would get in office? Last I checked, neither candidate was really serving God in a super committed way. So, does God really have ‘a man’? I also think that regardless of who gets elected Jesus will still be on His throne. The way the church is acting though, this election may just dethrone God and it will be the churches fault. We’ll have done that ourselves.

So, here’s what I’m not saying. If you’ve been praying for a president and the election, it’s wrong. The Bible tells us to pray for these people. That’s important. But, I think we’ve put too much importance on the elections and not enough importance on what really matters. What’s on God’s heart?

When I read the Bible, I get the since that more than the elections, lost people are on God’s heart. He cares more deeply about people coming to know Him in an intimate way than He does about what happens Tuesday. I can honestly say that I have never received an email about praying 21 or 40 days for lost people. I’ve never seen the church come together to pray for the lost people of our nation on the capitol steps. I’ve never seen Christians overcome with the topic of how to reach people like they are with how to elect the right man. I’ve never seen Christians get passionate and angry when a person falls further away from Jesus like I have when someone insults their candidate. 

This seasons should be a real wake up call for the church. Our issues have come blaring to the surface. God isn’t really the God of the church anymore. Other things and issues have taken His rightful place. When are we going to get passionate about that?