When we have a God ordained vision in our lives we’re able to stay 10 steps ahead. 

When a God given vision begins to move and be effective all hell will come and try to stop it. This can be discouraging, challenging, and make you want to quit. If you never feel like quitting, I question the validity of your vision. We always have to keep in mind, though, that God has given us our vision and that He will sustain us to see it through

One of the big ways I’ve seen God sustain vision is by giving divine strategy that keeps you 10 steps ahead of the competition, or in this case, the devil. 

I believe it was Mark Batterson (I could be wrong on that) who was writing recently on seeing ahead. He referenced Grand Chess Masters. The reason they’re so effective at Chess is because they’re seeing there moves 10 steps ahead. That’s why they win and that’s why we’ll win in our visions.

As we press forward we can’t help but dream about the next step in the process of seeing our visions fully come to pass. Often times this is God giving us where we want to be in ten steps and allows us to make plans now to accomplish that.

When we read about Paul in the Bible we read about a focused man. He planted churches and ministered where he was but always had sight towards Rome. This was his vision, to transform Rome. He never lost that vision and we see that in the end he made it. He was always positioning himself to get there.

As we seek out God He’ll begin to place amazing vision in our hearts that are too big for us to accomplish on our own. We’ll need people and God will begin to provide the people that won’t just listen, they’ll carry the vision and even expand it. You can then seek God together which will keep you focused and help you to stay ahead of the game so that the enemy may attack, but doesn’t stand a chance because you’ve positioned yourself ahead of the attack and easily defeat whatever comes your way.

For me, there’s not a whole lot more exciting than getting vision. It’s what drives me and often times sustains me. 

Go after it with your whole heart and see what God does from there!!!