Vision will never work if we lose our focus.

You may lose sight of your vision for several reasons:

  • Your vision is too small and easily attainable. Get ready to lose your vision quickly.
  • Unresolved sin issues can take your sight off of the vision and onto yourself. That’s a sure fire vision killer.
  • Getting focused on other good things that keep you from being focused on God’s thing.
  • Listening to the wrong people. People can be discouraging, even other Christians. Listen to the people God’s placed with you to help carry your vision.

As we chase down the huge visions that God puts in our lives it forces us to stay focused on God who will revitalize our vision and keep us on track. The second we take our eyes off of the ultimate vision giver we begin to forget what the vision is all about and it begins to crumble around us, no matter what stage you’re in of carrying that vision out. You could be 30 years in and lose it. God keeps us focused and keeps that vision moving forward. 

When we stay focused, we can see clearly ahead and know the next steps to take…