I’ve found that people are attracted to a vision that is near or definitely impossible. 

Again, going back to my time at the MLK Jr. Center downtown in the ATL. When the civil rights movement began, it looked bleak. Who could stand up and see these things accomplished? It took a man with a vision that extended far beyond just equal rights. It astonished me as I listened to King’s vision to transform the society. He wanted to help the poor, women, children, and so much more. 

That’s the story of so many visionaries. Their visions were always bigger than anything they could accomplish. If it was attainable it wouldn’t take long to make it happen and probably wouldn’t make much of an impact. People want to see impact, they want to see change, they want the revolution and they want to be a part of it.

Why do you think Jesus was so successful? His vision. Go into the entire world bringing them this revolutionary message. That’s a big vision that required other people to play a part in order to be successful.

The size of your vision can also tell you whether it’s from God or not. If it’s attainable by you without much help, you may have missed the boat. If you look at a vision and feel overwhelmed and small compared to the vision and know that the only way that it could ever be accomplished is with the intervention of an Almighty God you may have just stumbled onto a piece of God’s heart that He’s revealing so that you can be a part of accomplishing it.

One of my favorite things is sitting down and listening to people that are discovering God’s vision for them. It’s so big that they’re overwhelmed yet excited because they know God wants to do something awesome!

Vision will always be bigger than you. If it’s not, you missed it.

Vision has to be big. Otherwise we’d lose our focus…