I gotta post a quick rant about last night.

I HATED last nights debate. In fact, my wife and I turned it off midway through because we just couldn’t watch anymore. I can’t take much more of Obama looking smugly on while John McCain speaks and then getting up and speaking without an ounce of humility. I can’t take any more of McCain calling me his friend and taking jabs at Obama which Obama will presently deny. I’m done with the whole process. Let’s vote already.

I’m young in the political process. I’m 28 which means that this election will be only the 3rd presidential election I’ll have voted in. In the past it’s fired me up. I’ve loved watching the debates, the campaigning, the analysis, the men. But no more. I’ve never been more tired of politics and I’ve never been more tired of two men going after each other.

Before all of the debates began and this election season began I was a McCain supporter. I’ll still most likely be voting for him, but I’d rather have neither. This is a painful election for me.

I love my country dearly. America is an amazing place. I get choked up every year watching the 4th of July fireworks and thinking of the sacrifice of men to make this country what it is. We had to fight to get here and now all we can do is fight with each other. It makes me sick!

How do I vote in favor of a country that I love so much when I don’t see any candidates that I believe will truly make this country better?