When God places a vision in our hearts it’s rarely just for us. In fact, I don’t know of any vision that God’s given that one man accomplished on his own under his own strength. Even when Jesus was sent to earth he surrounded himself with other men to accomplish God’s ordained vision. 

One of my favorite stories from the Bible comes from David. David was promised to be the King of Israel (which he eventually attained). It took years and years and years though for God’s vision in David’s life to be fulfilled and he didn’t do it alone. Men surrounded him in this vision and were largely divine appointments from God. Really awesome story about David and his mighty men. Read about it all here (1 Sam. 21 – 2 Sam. 2).

When God gives you a God inspired vision and we begin to trust Him to help us accomplish that vision He’ll begin to surround you with the right people, and that’s exciting. 

As we’ve begun running with a new vision this year on campus God’s begun to surround us with more and more people that are helping us to see that vision walked out. I can only see this vision in part, but with people I begin to get an even better perspective that allows this vision to grow bigger than it even began with me! 

People, not a person, are the key to seeing that vision accomplished.