If there’s one thing I’ve learned, vision doesn’t just happen. There has to be a catalyzing effect that drives us to seek out a vision for our lives and others. Rarely does vision just happen as we’re sitting on the couch watching tv and out of nowhere a vision pops into our heads that we then implement and change the world as we know it. There’s always a process that usually consists of background/experience and our surroundings.

Our background always plays a part. I went to the MLK Jr. museum in downtown ATL today. Awesome place. It was revelational to hear how Martin Luther King became who he eventually became. It began with his father who taught him that he wasn’t different and shouldn’t take any crap (my words) from people who would treat him that way. He was also greatly influenced by professors and pastors that he sought out and was mentored by. He went on to study the peaceful movement of Ghandi that became the background of his peaceful protest movement that revolutionized America. People followed him because of his well crafted and thought out vision. 

Our surroundings also helps to craft our vision. Jess and I have found that there are certain areas where we begin to dream the most. There are several places downtown that it seems every time we show up there we begin to dream. Much of our strategy for campus and our vision for the future has come as we’ve been hanging out downtown. Whenever we want to dream we’ve found ourselves heading back to these places and being re-energized with vision and excitement.

All that to say, vision doesn’t just happen. We seek it out and go after it and God is faithful to show up and provide it. Vision is exciting! It’s fun and when you start getting it you become addicted for more.

More on how we accomplish these visions that we get from God tomorrow…