Here’s the latest from the top stories from the top three news agencies (CNN, FOX, MSNBC)

CNN: “U.S. stocks are lower in futures trading after the deepening financial crisis in Europe heightened worries about a global economic slowdown.”

FOX: “Fear Grips World Markets” (Headline) “European and Asian markets plunge as bailouts in the U.S. and Europe fail to alleviate fears of a global financial crisis”

MSNBC: “World markets plunge on fears of more turmoil” (Headline)


The Bible says that we should be put our faith in God that He is the only thing we should fear. The Bible goes on to say ‘FEAR NOT’ 365 more times, once for each day of the year. 

Our nation, and you can go ahead and go on to say, our world, is governed today by fear. The markets are a great example. We’ve already predicted that trading today is going down fast. Why? Because of fear. Not because of some fact. Not because of George Bush. Not because of either presidential candidate. Not because of a terrorist attack or a terrorist threat. Straight up fear. That’s why the prediction was made. Crazy. 

When you stop fearing God, other fears manifest in your life to a magnificent level.

I’m choosing not to fear though. Would an economic collapse put the hurt on my wife and I? Yes, absolutely. It would not look good for us. I believe the Bible, though, when it says to fear not. I’m not to fear. I’m to trust God, put my faith in him. Every time I read headlines like this, fear tries to creep in, but I have to go back and ask why I’m fearful. When the focus is back on God, the fear leaves. As the Bible says, ‘perfect love casts out fear.’ It is truly hard to fear when you have an all powerful God that perfectly loves you. You know that someone big has got your back.

It’s interesting to me though. Today hasn’t played out yet, but, every time time I’ve seen headlines about fear and the market the market tumbles like crazy that day. That’s what I call a self-fulfilling prophecy. People walk in with fear and sell like crazy to dump everything just in case something happens. Ummmm, yeah, when you do that, that ‘something’ always happens. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Fear always drives self-fulfilling prophecies. Fear leads us to make decisions so that the very thing we fear will surely come to pass. Again, craziness. Traders make a choice to bow to these fears and sell.

What happens when fear doesn’t drive you. Well, I can say this. Warren Buffet hasn’t been fearful. Over the past few weeks fear driven days of sell-offs he’s spent more than 20% of his net worth buying up stocks and companies and complete rock bottom prices. His money is working for him and he’s not fearful. He’s been doing almost the opposite of what people are saying to do. SELL SELL SELL. Hmmmm, I’m going to spend over 20% of my net worth and BUY BUY BUY.

Do not fear. Fear only leads to more fear. While abiding in perfect love only leads to more of the same as well. Fear not.