October 2008

‘How Would Jesus Vote?’ is a new book just released by D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe. I’m still in the process of reading, but, what I’ve read so far has been right on and encouraging. It’s not a book on endorsing a particular candidate and more about endorsing God and the fact that He is sovereign!

The book begins by talking about Jesus and politics. Who is Jesus for? Which side would Jesus be on? Etc… It then moves in to talk more in depth about the issues that we’re facing as a nation and what God’s perspective on those issues is according to the Bible. 

First off is the discussion on Jesus and politics. The question is posed…. ‘So, who’s side would Jesus be on?’ What a great question that the church needs to answer today! The authors did such a great job of pointing us back to Jesus. I think that it’s so easy to get focused on the politics and forget that Jesus is sovereign and is the most important thing in our lives. Especially in such a time as we’re living now. As they said in the book, the real question isn’t ‘which side is Jesus on?’, but, ‘are we on Jesus side?’ Great point, are we promoting the things that Jesus would promote. It’s more important to be a committed Christian than to be labeled a conservative or liberal.

They then jump into the issues… abortion, stem cell research, the death penalty, war, marriage, economics, and more…

I loved the candor and forthrightness of the answers. I’ve found that in todays society it’s been harder and harder to answer these questions as Christians without being attacked by other Christians even. They come from a great Biblical perspective and really addressed the issues well. Here’s a few quotes from the book on just a few of the issues…

Abortion: ‘So how would Jesus vote? He certainly would vote against the destruction of innocent, unborn babies.’

War: ‘Throughout its history the Christian church has maintained that there was and is such a thing as a just war as well as an unjust war.’

The authors go on to say that just war is defensive in nature (helping those or ourselves that have been treated unjustly or coming to the aid of those that have been attacked). Just war is waged by a legitimate government and not by individuals, and a just wars purpose is to establish permanent peace.

That’ll make you think…

They go on to address the economy and education as well. Really good stuff!

If you’re looking for a book that addresses the issues from a Christian perspective and will help you to have a better perspective on politics and religion, this is the book. It’s presented very well and really answers the questions I’ve heard a lot of Christians asking.

Check below for the book description and author bios…

You can also purchase the book here.



Book: How Would Jesus Vote?

Summary: The 2008 election is shaping up to be one of the most important political contests in American history. In fact, Dr. D. James Kennedy believes it will be a watershed moment that could impact our very survival as a nation under God.

Values voters—people whose political views and votes are based on their faith in God—are being targeted as never before. As the campaign season moves forward, the significant players will debate terrorism, radical Islam, nuclear threats, global warming, social issues, gay marriage, immigration, education, health care, and many other essential issues that can create sharp ideological divisions.

Into this overwhelmingly complex political situation, Dr. Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe bring a clear, compelling, and nonpartisan exploration of what God’s Word has to say on these critical matters. How Would Jesus Vote? isn’t intended to tell readers which candidates to support; rather it offers a Christ-centered understanding of the world to help readers draw their own political conclusions.

Author Bios:

Jerry Newcombe is senior producer for Coral Ridge Ministries television and has produced or coproduced more than fifty documentaries. The host of two weekly radio shows, he has also been a guest on numerous television and radio talk shows. He is the author or coauthor of more than fifteen books.

Dr. D. James Kennedy is one of the most trusted and recognized Christian leaders of our time. The senior minister of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he is the featured preacher on television’s “The Coral Ridge Hour” and radio’s “Truths That Transform”, syndicated on over one thousand stations throughout the U.S. The founder and president of Evangelism Explosion International and chancellor of Knox Theological Seminary, he is the author of more than sixty books, including the bestselling What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?


‘Children, it is the last hour, and as you have heard that antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have come.’ (1 John 2:18)

 ”This is the antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son. No one who denies the Son has the Father. Whoever confesses the Son has the Father also.’ (1 John 2:22-23)

According to the above scriptures, I found one of them!!!!

Read about this antichrist here…

Updates from D.C. and the Theater Church Conference coming in the next few days. Haven’t had internet since we got here two days ago (I know, how have I survived??? Solely by the grace of God my friends…). 

Now though, I wanted to update you on another story from some friends that are in the adoption process to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia. I’ve been following the process via their blog for a few months now and just got their referral two days ago. 

Click here to read the awesomeness!

When we have a God ordained vision in our lives we’re able to stay 10 steps ahead. 

When a God given vision begins to move and be effective all hell will come and try to stop it. This can be discouraging, challenging, and make you want to quit. If you never feel like quitting, I question the validity of your vision. We always have to keep in mind, though, that God has given us our vision and that He will sustain us to see it through

One of the big ways I’ve seen God sustain vision is by giving divine strategy that keeps you 10 steps ahead of the competition, or in this case, the devil. 

I believe it was Mark Batterson (I could be wrong on that) who was writing recently on seeing ahead. He referenced Grand Chess Masters. The reason they’re so effective at Chess is because they’re seeing there moves 10 steps ahead. That’s why they win and that’s why we’ll win in our visions.

As we press forward we can’t help but dream about the next step in the process of seeing our visions fully come to pass. Often times this is God giving us where we want to be in ten steps and allows us to make plans now to accomplish that.

When we read about Paul in the Bible we read about a focused man. He planted churches and ministered where he was but always had sight towards Rome. This was his vision, to transform Rome. He never lost that vision and we see that in the end he made it. He was always positioning himself to get there.

As we seek out God He’ll begin to place amazing vision in our hearts that are too big for us to accomplish on our own. We’ll need people and God will begin to provide the people that won’t just listen, they’ll carry the vision and even expand it. You can then seek God together which will keep you focused and help you to stay ahead of the game so that the enemy may attack, but doesn’t stand a chance because you’ve positioned yourself ahead of the attack and easily defeat whatever comes your way.

For me, there’s not a whole lot more exciting than getting vision. It’s what drives me and often times sustains me. 

Go after it with your whole heart and see what God does from there!!!

Vision will never work if we lose our focus.

You may lose sight of your vision for several reasons:

  • Your vision is too small and easily attainable. Get ready to lose your vision quickly.
  • Unresolved sin issues can take your sight off of the vision and onto yourself. That’s a sure fire vision killer.
  • Getting focused on other good things that keep you from being focused on God’s thing.
  • Listening to the wrong people. People can be discouraging, even other Christians. Listen to the people God’s placed with you to help carry your vision.

As we chase down the huge visions that God puts in our lives it forces us to stay focused on God who will revitalize our vision and keep us on track. The second we take our eyes off of the ultimate vision giver we begin to forget what the vision is all about and it begins to crumble around us, no matter what stage you’re in of carrying that vision out. You could be 30 years in and lose it. God keeps us focused and keeps that vision moving forward. 

When we stay focused, we can see clearly ahead and know the next steps to take…

I’ve found that people are attracted to a vision that is near or definitely impossible. 

Again, going back to my time at the MLK Jr. Center downtown in the ATL. When the civil rights movement began, it looked bleak. Who could stand up and see these things accomplished? It took a man with a vision that extended far beyond just equal rights. It astonished me as I listened to King’s vision to transform the society. He wanted to help the poor, women, children, and so much more. 

That’s the story of so many visionaries. Their visions were always bigger than anything they could accomplish. If it was attainable it wouldn’t take long to make it happen and probably wouldn’t make much of an impact. People want to see impact, they want to see change, they want the revolution and they want to be a part of it.

Why do you think Jesus was so successful? His vision. Go into the entire world bringing them this revolutionary message. That’s a big vision that required other people to play a part in order to be successful.

The size of your vision can also tell you whether it’s from God or not. If it’s attainable by you without much help, you may have missed the boat. If you look at a vision and feel overwhelmed and small compared to the vision and know that the only way that it could ever be accomplished is with the intervention of an Almighty God you may have just stumbled onto a piece of God’s heart that He’s revealing so that you can be a part of accomplishing it.

One of my favorite things is sitting down and listening to people that are discovering God’s vision for them. It’s so big that they’re overwhelmed yet excited because they know God wants to do something awesome!

Vision will always be bigger than you. If it’s not, you missed it.

Vision has to be big. Otherwise we’d lose our focus…

Here’s two reads that were really good that put a lot of the economy stuff in perspective…

Tim Steven’s posts a downright prophetic (or maybe it’s just wisdom) article posted in 1999.

Ben Stein unleashes on why we’re where we currently are and what he thinks about the 2 candidates economic plans.

What do you think?

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