We had our first monthly meeting Sunday night on Tech’s campus for ‘MARKED’. It was a blast. God definitely shook things up last minute though, which can kind of freak you out a bit at times…

We’ve had a sweet room reserved on campus for about 2 months now. It’s got couches all over the place, a stage, prewired sound, lighting, and is just a pretty awesome and intimate setting. You can’t just reserve it as a student org, you’ve got to pay for it and everything. We were shelling out because it was an awesome room. So, 3 days before the big event that we’ve been planning for for several months now (have shelled out more money for advertising, and all that) we get notice that they can’t get us a staff member for the room and so we can’t use the room. So sorry. No suggestions for what we could do as a back up. No help whatsoever. Just a sorry, hope this doesn’t inconvenience you. Are you kidding!!!????!!!! Of course this inconveniences us!!!

God is bigger though. We trusted in him and he came through. We got an outdoor venue and were given special permission to use our sound system (which you’re not supposed to be able to do outside at GT).

This was really the launch for encmatl, so, it was a pretty big deal for us that God made bigger than I thought possible. Love it.

Here are some highlights and lo-lights from the night…


  • Low Lights – there wasn’t really any lighting outside. It kind of made for a cool environment, but, still, lighting is good.
  • We could’ve used one more extension cord. We made it work, but, one more would’ve been really nice.
  • Apparently I need to learn how to hold the mic closer to my mouth. Lesson learned.
  • Great stage, it felt far away from everyone which I’m not super keen of, I like being close to people. Feels more relational.


  • God showing up! I love it when Jesus shows up and touches peoples lives. Nothing like it.
  • Being outside. Gave us a sense of mission, purpose, and excitement.
  • Rita worshiping. I think Rita is awesome and she proved it being out there worshipping in the middle of campus. Awesome!
  • The empty fountain we ended up using as a stage. Every time somebody showed up they were like, ‘ok, that is awesome’. I couldn’t agree more.
  • Ant preaching. Couldn’t help but feel a since of destiny while he was preaching. Great communicator. Great message. I look forward to hearing more!
  • Community. Something got birthed Sunday night. I don’t exactly know what it means, but, if you were there, you felt it.
  • Our awesome sound system rocked! Loved it!!!
  • Excitement. Everyone was excited and everyone’s talking about the next one. I can’t wait! October 26th!!!
  • My brother stepping up providing a ton of support!
  • People stopping by going, what the heck is going on over there. We had quite a few onlookers over the course of the evening. We even connected with a few other students during the event.
  • And, last but certainly not least. Our freaking incredible and awesome students who showed up full of faith and excited about what was going to happen. That’s why it was so stinkin’ awesome!!! I had such a blast and can’t wait to see what happens over the next month leading up to our next big MARKED meeting. I can’t wait!!!!

Click on the picture below for more pics from the evening.