I’ve noticed a trend. All revolutionaries were once reactionaries, but not all reactionaries become revolutionaries.

Most people live their whole lives as reactionaries. They react to situations they don’t like and bring change to their situation. Revolutionaries are born when divine inspiration, strategy, and courage mix together in perfect blend where they don’t just bring change to their situation, but, begin to bring change for others as well. There’s a potential there for just about everyone to become a revolutionary, but few do. It’s harder work than anything else and requires that you lay your life down on the alter of sacrifice with no promise of a good ending.

In a culture full of reactionaries we need revolutionaries and I don’t think we’re far off. The fact that we live in a culture full of reactionaries (people who work hard for their own personal change) means that we’re just one person away from a true revolutionary. Someone selfless that has just had enough.