I was introduced earlier this summer to a new web tool called Sproutbuilder. Since then I’ve used Sproutbuilder to build both:


and www.danielgilland.com.

I also noticed that the David Crowder Band has used it in various forms as well.

I’ve been loving it. Very cool stuff and very functional. If you’re doing web stuff, especially if you’re promoting something on the web this is an awesome tool to check out. It helps to simplify things. The whole idea is that you can create a web page without actually leaving the first page you navigated to. You also embed the sprout into any site (and multiple sites if you want) and then every time you update it in sprout builder your ‘sprouts’ update wherever they are. You never have to re-embed them again. Cool concept.

Anyway, I think it’s some pretty awesome stuff. Check out sproutbuilder when you get the chance…