I just read an article on Fox News about a Hamas leaders son that converted to Christianity and is publicly talking about it. He left his family and home because he can’t pursue Christianity there. Lots of personal sacrifice to follow the cross. It’s a great article and has a lot of great points. Read the article here followed by a few high points for me:

Son of Hamas Leader Turns his Back on Islam and Embraces Christianity

Talking about why Christians can’t really go and share Jesus with Muslims but why he can:

“They put Christians on the enemy list anyway, before you talk to them about Islam. So if you go to them and tell them, as a Christian, they will be offended immediately and they will hate you and this will definitely increase the vacuum between both religions — but what made someone like me change?

Years ago, years ago, when I was there, God opened my eyes, my mind also, and I became a completely different person. So now, I can do this duty, while you as Christians can help me do it, but maybe you wouldn’t be able to. (Muslims) have no excuse now.”

Here he again talks about how he can impact the world with Christianity:

“So, I had to be strong about that. That was very challenging. That was the most difficult decision in my life and I didn’t do it for fun. I didn’t do it for anything from this world. I did it only for one reason: I believed in it. People are suffering every day because of wrong ideas. I can help them get out of this endless circle … the track the devil (laid) for them.”

On his family:

“I pray for (my father), all my brothers and my sisters here in this church, praying all the time for them — ‘God, open their eyes, their minds, to come to Christ. And bless them because they had to carry this cross with me.'”

Really good stuff. He talks about the Israeli Palestinian conflict in a way that every politician and American needs to hear and talks about his relationship with God and how someone can take his life but not his soul and that if someone tries to kill him because of his beliefs God will give him strength. The world needs forgiveness and grace. Really great stuff. May God bless him and enable him to take this message where it needs to go most!