I gotta say, Sunday was awesome! I didn’t expect to be, but, I was surprisingly a little nervous. It was awesome to get up there and share what God had put on my heart. I talked about the city and our need to reach the city and how that relates to our need for both personal and corporate purity. I’ll be podcasting it in the next few days as soon as I get a chance to sit down and clean up the recording.

It was such a blessing though as people didn’t come up to me afterwards and just say ‘great job’. I had people telling me that they realized how important purity is and that there revelation of God needed to change so that they could truly walk in purity. And they weren’t discouraged. They were encouraged! That’s what I wanted. I wanted people to walk away encouraged that they could attain purity and that it wouldn’t just change them, it would change others as well. 

Good times…