I love connecting and building with people. A few weeks ago Jess and I stayed with Manny & Dana Coya. We were so blessed that we got to connect with them. They’re such an awesome couple and am really looking forward to connecting with them more in the coming months. Last night I got to connect with Jeremy Small (who just started a new blog, though he hasn’t posted just yet… give him some time, I know he’s got some good stuff on the way) for a while. Good times. Tonight I’ll be reconnecting with Chuck (E. Love/Wagon) Gardner. Stoked about that. It’s been WAY too long since Chuck and I have been able to hang.

I’m constantly reminded that relationships are so important. I need them more and more the more I grow. I get to grow every time I hang out with someone. That’s awesome. I love the fact that everyone has a unique perspective on life and that if we’ll listen, we get to be a part of that unique-ness.