It’s been an interesting 24 hours. Jess had surgery yesterday morning (had to be at the hospital around 530). It was a very successful surgery. The nodule was benign and we found out that my wife is somewhat of an anomaly. She has a non-recurrent recurrent laryngeal nerve (don’t ask because I don’t know). Less than 5% of people have this nerve and it makes the operation a little bit more tricky, but, not a problem still. All in all, she was excited to be an anomaly.

Then they put us up in this swank hospital room. It’s the VIP section of the hospital and nurses kept asking us who we know to get us in here. We have a computer, fax machine (that we used all day yesterday faxing people all over the world of course), dvd player, plasma tv, wifi, cherry wood finish on everything (seriously, everything), a massive bathroom that is tiled with a beautiful shower, and gorgeous tiled floor. Seriously, this place is much nicer than our own place!

Anyway though, she spent the day in and out of sleep until the anesthesia really started to wear off, then it all went downhill fast. She was nauseated, chilled, uncontrollably shaking, migrane, pain from the surgery, and every time they gave her pain medication or nausea medication, it just made it all worse. It was very difficult for me to watch all this go down as a husband and not be able to do anything about it. The nurses have been absolutely amazing (more on that later though).

So, now it’s about 7AM here at the hospital. She slept well, I didn’t. I’m ready to go home and get in my bed (or how ’bout just an actual bed) and sleep the rest of the day away.

If you wanna be praying for us this morning. Pray that Jess can get some solid food down, that the doctor gives us a favorible report, and thus, get released to go home. Thanks!