July 2008

You can head over to my podcast page by clicking here. From their, click the ‘subscribe’ button and that will take you to iTunes if you want to download the message in iTunes. If not, just click on through and listen from the website or download the file and listen from wherever you like. Again, it was from our ‘City’ series and the message was on Purity…


I gotta say, Sunday was awesome! I didn’t expect to be, but, I was surprisingly a little nervous. It was awesome to get up there and share what God had put on my heart. I talked about the city and our need to reach the city and how that relates to our need for both personal and corporate purity. I’ll be podcasting it in the next few days as soon as I get a chance to sit down and clean up the recording.

It was such a blessing though as people didn’t come up to me afterwards and just say ‘great job’. I had people telling me that they realized how important purity is and that there revelation of God needed to change so that they could truly walk in purity. And they weren’t discouraged. They were encouraged! That’s what I wanted. I wanted people to walk away encouraged that they could attain purity and that it wouldn’t just change them, it would change others as well. 

Good times…

I’ll be preaching this Sunday for the first time in Church. Really excited about it. We’re in the middle of a series called ‘city’. What’s Christianity look like/supposed to look like in the city? What would it look like if Christians really lived out their faith in the city. My topic is ‘purity’. Really excited about going into the depravity of man. It’s so exciting that we have a God that would have grace on people. He doesn’t have to, yet He does. I’ll never get over that.

I’ve been reading quite a bit of Tim Keller lately and his work on the topic ‘city’ and the gospel. It’s been getting me all riled up. It’s incredible reading about the way he used to preach and the revelations he’s had since then that make him the man he is today. I’m so thankful that he and others put their work out their so that young ministers like myself can pick it up and go beyond where we could otherwise. It just fires me up! 

Anyway, I’ll podcast the message after Sunday and post the link here for any and all to download and make sure I didn’t preach any heresy or anything.

The fall is coming and so is a new year on the campuses of Atlanta. I’ve never been more excited about an upcoming year of ministry like I am this one.

We’re revamping everything this year. At the end of last year we took a good hard look at what we were doing and decided that things really had to change. We have to make things simpler, easier for students to connect to.

For starters, we’re getting rid of our weekly meeting and focusing on small groups. A weekly meeting was just too hard to get students too with their weekly schedules. And Georgia States a commuter school, so, there are no common times when people are on campus. Small groups can happen anytime, anywhere. We’ll then be moving our weekly meeting to a monthly meeting, hopefully somewhere off campus. This will be a meeting for all of our students from all the different campuses we’re on to come together. Small groups to connect relationally with people, monthly meeting to connect relationally to God.

We’re revamping foundations as well. By spring it will only be one click away. Students will be able to sign up online and watch all 12 sessions right from there computers. What’s the best way to get a student that won’t leave their dorm room and stays on their computer 24/7 to do foundations? Take it to their computers in their dorm rooms.

All in all, I’m stoked, students are stoked, and I feel like God is stoked as well (which is probably the most important factor).

We’ve labored here in Atlanta for a while tilling the ground. It’s been hard, messy, and not a whole lot of fun all of the time. We’ve still got a lot of hard, pressing work ahead of us, but, I’m ready for it, and so are our students. I feel that some ingredients we’ve been lacking have been added and God’s excited about doing something in our midst.

I can’t wait to post more about our successes and failures this coming year…

In the mean time, check out our new and improved website! I’d love to know what you think and if you find any major errors please let me know. Still got a little bit of work to do on it, but, all in all, it’s coming together very nicely in my opinion. Check it out…


Tuesday night this announcement was made at 722.



Wow! I have some respect for that. When the people being paid are saying lets shut it down for the sake of reaching people, I have to stand up and applaud. What an incredibly hard thing to do. 

What’s amazing to me also is their level of communication. I heard about this earlier this week from one of the volunteers at the church. He told me everything that was communicated in this video almost verbatim. And he’s a volunteer! Not a staff member sitting in on meetings and getting the vision, but a volunteer that was given this information. It’s hard to communicate where people can take what you’ve said and spit it out to someone else almost perfectly several days later. 

So impressed with the level of leadership over at 722. May God bless them and lead them into something even greater!

I love connecting and building with people. A few weeks ago Jess and I stayed with Manny & Dana Coya. We were so blessed that we got to connect with them. They’re such an awesome couple and am really looking forward to connecting with them more in the coming months. Last night I got to connect with Jeremy Small (who just started a new blog, though he hasn’t posted just yet… give him some time, I know he’s got some good stuff on the way) for a while. Good times. Tonight I’ll be reconnecting with Chuck (E. Love/Wagon) Gardner. Stoked about that. It’s been WAY too long since Chuck and I have been able to hang.

I’m constantly reminded that relationships are so important. I need them more and more the more I grow. I get to grow every time I hang out with someone. That’s awesome. I love the fact that everyone has a unique perspective on life and that if we’ll listen, we get to be a part of that unique-ness.

Just got a call from the doctor’s office. The results are in. After sending off the nodule to be officially evaluated and looked at and everything. It is official, there was NO CANCER present. Praise God!!! Thanks all for your prayers!

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